What We Do

“We want to make giving back more accessible for everyone. We found that many people want to help and volunteer, but don’t quite know where to go or what to do.”

Meet the Founders

Ever since we found out we’d been working on similar start-ups, we couldn’t help but put our ideas together to create Echo – a platform that makes giving back more accessible than it’s ever been.

“This idea was triggered a few years back, after organizing a volunteer project that had completely exceeded my expectations. It really opened my eyes to how humble our community is to offer infinite help. I decided not to take that for granted by creating a couple of other events. And now Echo is my next step to showing what volunteering can do to better our communities. With its fast and effortless ways we found a way to bring volunteering to you! “

Amina Badawi, CEO

“Growing up, I loved volunteering and finding new and creative ways to achieve sustainable development in my community. The idea for Echo first came to me while trying to find organizations to volunteer at. Since finding NGOs that are in your area and that interest you takes time and effort, we’re creating a faster and effortless way to volunteer.”

– Menna Ayman, COO